About me

Hello guys,
Welcome to my blogs, with  this blogs, i'm hoping that i can expand my knowledge, friends, and client.
First, i want to introduce my self, my name is Rizki from Indonesia, right now i'm trying to be a Professional Freelance Graphic Designer Online. At this moment, i have to say to you that i don't have any client at all, because this is my first time opening blog to seek job for me. By this, i want to offering to all of you around the world to be my first client.

What can i do for you?
Well, like many other designer who work in some company, i can do Logo Design, Banner Design, Illustration, Print Design (Cover, flyers, poster, leaflet, standing banner, etc), Layout for books or magazine,T-shirt design or  custom Graphic Artwork. You can see sample of my works in my Portfolio page.

I have some experiences in creating graphic design job in crowd sourcing website such as 99design, Crowdspring and Mycrobusrt. I have won several times in their contest.
FYI, i'm graduated from Grafica Desa Putera Vocational School, which is focusing on Printing Technique, and  after that i go to local Academy majoring Advertising for 3 years. I will say this is my plus points for me for completing your task, coz, i have enough knowledge and skill to process your task.

How much it will cost me for you to completing my job? 
Since i'm new to this world, i will offering a REASONABLE PRICE for all Graphic task that you want me to produce. (*suiteyourbudget)
This offer limited for 100 persons who give me a job from now.
I will personally will update the list when i have my first clients.
I need to introduce my self and gain a reputation for my business.

If you are looking for designer, please view my portfolio page, and if you interest to hire me, just send me your request to my e-mail: ratria_ku@yahoo.co.id
Thank you for giving time reading my offer for you, please i don't want to limit you with this offer, if you happen have a question about graphic design related, problems or just want to say hi please add me on my social network page.