How to order a design from me.

1. Send me email regarding your project :
(format : MSword, PDF)
  • Fill your data = Name, corporate, contact account (email, yahoo messenger, skype )
  • Explain what do you want in short brief :
    • What type of work do you want me to produce : logo, banner, illustration, or ..(type it clearly).
    • Give me resources regarding your project : picture, photo, copy/text, orginal file, some inspirations, example, etc..
2. After you send me your email, i will reply it with
  • Term & Conditions Form Project,
    • contains : My descriptions regarding your project, time estimation, and payment method.
3. All project requires 50% deposit of payment amount of the total project fee. After this step, we will working together.

I accept Paypal and Liberty Reserve.
This is not a limitations for you, please ask me anything regarding your project before continuing the job.